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See the Winchesters from an Outside Point of View

The Outsider's View of the Winchesters Ficathon
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Ficathon Master List 2007

We know the Winchesters, but how do others see them? Heroes, dangerous criminals, hot guys, weirdos? The aim here is to write fic about the Winchesters from an outsider's point of view be it human, supernatural or inanimate object. How do they appear to a cop, a reporter, a gas station attendant, or the person in the car next to them at the lights?
What about the Wendigo or Lenore? Or a motel bed?

The rules are simple.

You write about Sam, Dean, and/or John, alone or in combination, from an outsider's POV.

Any genre, any rating - Wincest, Gen, AUs, crack, crossovers. Let your imaginations out for a romp.

You can check out our 90+ amazing prompts at the Prompts Master List or just write from your own inspiration! You can find info about formatting your entry over here.

If you're looking for a specific kind of fic/drabble, check out our Tags or our Memories.

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